Aug 192016

The internet has become the great equalizer when it comes to the employee – business relationship. Now with the click of a button a customer can go online and leave a potentially damaging review that could smear the reputation of a hard working business, even if it’s untrue. As an entrepreneur your goal in the industry is to build a reputation. How do you respond when that gets threatened? There are a host of ways to respond, but this advice rings particularly true and effective.

When it comes to dealing with an online war of words your best bet, as a business, is to simply stay uninvolved. To succeed in a war of words you are better off taking the high road, avoiding the mud slinging, and focusing on your message and those that matter to you, namely the ones who can attest to your character. So when you see that first bad review pop up don’t respond to it with fire. Take a deep breath and follow the advice we are about to give.

The first thing that you’ll want to focus on are the customers that have, thus far, been happy with your business. Make assurances that your work will continue as it always have and that your high quality of service won’t change despite the difficult situation that you appear to have been put in. From there you can go ahead and show yourself to be as valuable as your work clearly demonstrates. Offer more content, more products, more services, and more of yourself to those that are already working with you. If you show yourself to be steadfast and reliable then all of that bad gossip won’t matter.

Finally you’ll want to keep your eyes down and stay focused on what it means to be an entrepreneur. Seek advice from loved ones or people whose opinion your cherish but otherwise stick to your job. You can also seek reputation rehabilitation through companies like as they’ll clean up your online reputation and help to get rid of the false gossip from your search results. From there you’ll just have to keep plugging away, offering your customers what they need.


Aug 182016

When experiencing the 2008 financial crisis, there are still visible effects in present today with the unemployment rate as well as the devastation that individuals still experience from losing their money or even their homes as a result of the pop that occurred due to the corruption. I myself was affected by the financial crisis and noticed many friends of mine becoming more and more hesitant to refinance their homes or to put money away for retirement. With the crisis that occurred, their has been a demand since then for transparency within many industries which include retail industries, insurance industries, as well as the financial industry.

For businesses that wish to continue business and wish to continue to receive customers, it has become a necessity to invest in a new hiring position that is known as a compliance officer. One compliance officer to use as an example is Helane Morrison, a woman who is currently the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners, one of the largest and the best firms on the West Coast. Helane Morrison is now using her executive position to ensure that individuals can now trust investment firms despite the crisis that occurred almost ten years ago. Helane Morrison is truly a servant for the people.

Hall Capital Partners is a progressive investment firm that always looks to the future of investment. With a woman as the current CEO, there is a new outlook of the financial industry with many more diverse movements coming into play. As an additional executive, Ms. Morrison has proved her talents with helping Hall Capital Partners and with keeping the investment firm transparent to the public and to the future clients. Helane Morrison’s job is to show the world the integrity of this firm as well as the dedication that this firm has to each individual who uses Hall Capital Partners.

Helane Morrison has decades of experience in both the private as well as in the public sector. These to perspective gives her an expert insight on how to spot problems and how to fix the problems in an efficient manner. With a background in both journalism as well as in law, Ms. Morrison knows what the rules are and has used her expertise to make sure that everything is perfect for the client to see. Ms. Morrison believes in Hall Capital Partners as well as what the company stands for.